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Lawn Aeration in Green Bay, WI

Lawn aeration is a service that is performed on your yard once annually, typically before cold weather sets in. It offers many benefits for your lawn and has proven to be one of the most essential processes in maintaining a healthy, thick lawn. Lawn aeration treats compacted soil and helps air, water, and nutrients reach the grass root zone which leads to better plant growth.

It also helps control thatch. Thatch is a normal component of any grass lawn, however if the thatch layer becomes too thick it can prevent water, air, nutrients, and fertilizer from passing down to the grass roots. Thatch is a tightly intermingled layer of living and dead stems, leaves, and roots which accumulates between the layer of actively growing grass and the soil underneath. Aerating your lawn will ensure that thatch does not interfere with the vitality of your turf. When thatch become too thick it can cause other issues such as the grass rooting in the thatch itself. This will make for an unhealthy plant as thatch is a poor growing medium. Excessive thatch can also produce fungi and increase problems with pests. Properly performed lawn aeration should be part of any lawn maintenance program and is helpful with controlling thatch.

Our core aeration service is performed by using machinery that actually removes small plugs or cores of grass and soil. This creates a channel that allows nutrients, water, and air to reach into the soil and to the grass roots. It also enhances water uptake, reduces compaction and helps improve oxygen content.

Lawn Aeration and Professional Core Aeration in Green Bay, WI

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