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Lawn Aeration & Lawn Rolling


We are offering a 20% discount on our spring aeration services and lawn rolling services for new customers if you call and schedule a service prior to May 1st, 2018.  Rolling lawns is a new service we are offering for the spring and fall seasons of 2018.  In the past we have had a lot of customers in the Green Bay, WI and De Pere, WI areas requesting to have their lawns rolled and this spring we are answering their requests.  In order to receive the 20% discount you need to first “LIKE” our Facebook page and second, call us prior to May 1st, 2018 to schedule one of these services or both.

Spring is the ideal time to perform lawn aeration in Wisconsin as this is the time of year the lawn is working to strengthen its root system. Compacted soil is keeping this from happening. Core aeration is the best way to help stimulate root growth. Which results in a thicker and healthier lawn for 2018.

– Loosens compacted soil due to high clay content and high foot or lawn mower traffic.
– Increases availability of water nutrients in root system.
– Increases oxygen levels in soil which stimulate root growth and enhance the activity to thatch decomposing organisms.
– Allows room for new root growth resulting in a thicker lawn.
– Reduces water runoff in the lawn which allows water to reach the root system more easily.
– Increases the lawn’s drought tolerance and lessens the chance of disease and insect problems!

Do you want the best looking lawn in your neighborhood?  Call us today for a free lawn quote to get your lawn looking its best with our 5 or 6 step fertilizer program.  Click the “Sharper Edge Lawn Care” link for more information Sharper Edge Lawn Care

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